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Complete Meals $15.00 each Minimum 12 Meals
I will beat all prices 

Because each client is different, not everyone will benefit from the same package.
Packages are available for fresh service, and freezer service. Prices are calculated to include (travel, shopping, menu planning, and preparation and clean up) and are based on the number of meals. Pricing is customized  for individuals,couples, and family's.

Here are some examples of different services.

Great for Singles
Serving 5 X 2
This package offers ten meals for one person, five different entrees, with an appropriate side dish. Perfect for the busy single, come home at any time and have dinner in minutes or take lunch to work and forget the fast food. 

Perfect for Couples
Serving 5 X 2
This package offers five meals for two people, providing five different entrees with an appropriate side dish. No more " Who's turn is it to cook"  

Food for the family
Serving 5 X 4
This package offers five entrees serving four people with an appropriate side 20 meals to use anyway you want just heat and eat . 
Remember these prices include  packaging in microwave reusable containers.